Makeda®, The Queen of Sheba Doll with Doll Stand

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Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa of the Asante Doll with Doll Stand

Original Price: $139.00

Sale Price: $99.00



• The Queen Makeda doll is 16” tall

• She wears an authentic dress made of rich cotton with a vibrant silk border, known as "Dereb," one of the oldest border designs from Ethiopian antiquity

• The fabric is hand woven by artisans in Ethiopia in support of fair trade principles

• The Queen's classic neck tattoo pattern and gold jewelry are traditional adornments of Ethiopian women still worn today.

• Traditional Ethiopian hair style

• Hand Painted Eyes and Applied Eyelashes

• Pose-Able 18 Points of Articulation

• Gilded gold sandals

• The Queen Mother doll is 16” tall

• She wears a traditional Ghanaian dress design still worn today

• This authentic fabric design pattern for Asante royal women is based on museum archives, and her lavish gold jewelry adornment represents The Gold Coast of African

• Traditional Ghanaian hair style

• Hand painted eyes and applied eyelashes

• Pose-able 18 points of articulation

• Gilded gold sandals

Makeda®, The Queen of Sheba's
Illustrated Storybook and Audio Book

Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa's
Illustrated Storybook and Audio Book

The Short Story:

• Beautifully illustrated by a young Ethiopian artist.

• The audio book includes traditional instrumental Ethiopian music played on an ancient string instrument known as a "Krar."

• The story begins with a dragon and ends with a lion, spans Queen Makeda's rise to the throne, her legendary journey to visit King Solomon in Jerusalem, and the beginning of a dynasty that lasted 3000 years and ended in 1974.

• The story of leadership and wisdom is told in the voice of an African-American grandfather telling the story to his granddaughter.

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The Short Story:

• The Queen Mother’s storybook illustrations are expertly drawn by a young African-American artist from Brooklyn.

• The audio book has traditional, instrumental Ghanaian music

• The story, related by the same grandfather to his granddaughter, connects the history of Ghana and the remarkable story of Yaa Asantewaa to the problems of a young girl who has to figure out how to deal with a bully in school.

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