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    Yixing JiuHeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful Yixing city Dingshuzhen ceramic industrial park, Jiangsu province, is a collection of all kinds of mould and machinery equipment research and development and production in a body's enterprise. The company regards product quality as life, technology, after-sales service for backing, in line with the "credibility first, quality first" the management idea, wholeheartedly for the general user services.The company keep up with the development of reform of wall materials, investigating the distribution of national resources and characteristics of strengthening technology research and product development, continuously enhance the product's ability to adapt to the market.Enterprise stand at a new height, with a fresh perspective to the future, layout of the market and product development work, to the point, perfect facilities, product development to follow the "old for new, old and new alternate; give priority to with new, backward" thinking, efforts to promote technological progress and improve the level of equipment;With the continuous development of economy in our country, the wall into large-scale production enterprises constantly, comprehensive utilization of resources, saving energy, saving land resources, reduce the labor intensity and improve the level of machinery in the direction of development.Company well caught this development tendency, implementing a scientific outlook on development, make the enterprise to the healthy development of the fast lane, enterprise comprehensive strength increased significantly, the core competitiveness increased significantly.
    Scope of business includes: First, split tiles production line (including raw materials, molding, drying and sorting links in various devices).Second, tao plank brick materials, forming cutting conveying and shelf system, cutting edge grinding equipment, etc.Third, all kinds of porous brick, hollow brick, decorative brick, water absorption and glass tile equipment research and development and manufacturing.Fourth, all kinds of extrusion and dry pressing molding mould design and manufacturing.Last, to undertake a variety of factory automation renovation project and spare parts processing.Welcome to valued customers and colleague industry to discuss business, to visit before.
    Main business scope: building materials machinery and equipment, environmental protection machinery, chemical machinery, ceramic machinery equipment, electronic equipment, metallurgical machinery, mold processing.