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Mechanical equipment management and maintenance of change
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    Abstract: along with the modern machinery manufacturing technology of high-tech, complicated structure, the improvement of automation operation, the maintenance requirements of more and more strict and difficult more and more big, maintenance status is increasingly important.
    Equipment management with distinct characteristics of The Times, with the development of the advanced management idea and advanced technology content innovation, equipment management is a systematic project, with high yield, high quality, low consumption, safety and efficiency are closely related.
    As the high science and technology of modern machinery manufacturing technology, complicated structure, the improvement of automation operation, the maintenance requirements of more and more strict and difficult more and more big, the maintenance status is increasingly important.This article introduced several typical representative maintenance methods: (1) regular maintenance as the main form of preventive maintenance methods;(2) reliability centered maintenance methods;(3) to regularly with regard to the maintenance method of combining;(4) for the sake of future investment maintenance methods;(5) the green maintenance method proposed in recent years, for communication.

    First,to prevention maintenance method and system of regular maintenance

Has long been considered the security depends on the reliability of mechanical equipment, so that the more prevention work, the shorter the repair cycle, machinery and equipment, the more reliable, this is what we use for many years is given priority to with regular maintenance method of preventive maintenance.That no matter the technical condition of each concrete maintenance objects, how to use environment, must be carried out in accordance with the unified regulation time range or mandatory maintenance (such as the current rules of the first, second and tertiary maintenance) and corresponding maintenance.Regular maintenance of this method is suitable for the early repair of mechanical equipment and spare parts, has played an important role to our country mechanical equipment maintenance.

Early preventive maintenance system to increase the workload of maintenance, maintenance costs and downtime, and the result is to do a lot of invalid maintenance, but not in a timely manner to eliminate random failure and early failure.Statistical analysis of the failure data show that the regular maintenance for many fault control does not work, the decomposition of checks cannot provide the parts can be used when will possible failure, caused by too much instead of repairing and man-made fault, increased maintenance cost, reduce the maintenance efficiency.

    Theoretical proof, for complex mechanical equipment, its fault is primarily random, and regular maintenance can't rule out random failure, therefore, in the early 1960 s, people began to doubt the traditional maintenance method.This period in some countries start by applying the outline of reliability, the pertinence maintenance, on-demand inspect and replace and exploration on the experimental work, such as, on the basis of the statistics preliminary reliability centered maintenance method.

    Second,reliability centered maintenance method and 2 as system maintenance

    Reliability centered maintenance is the core of modern maintenance theory.View of systems engineering, the development of the service object, design, manufacture, use and maintenance related links, each link all around the center work reliability, so the reliability of the service object in the loop for continuous improvement and improve.

    Reliability centered maintenance method and the traditional maintenance method of putting prevention in the inheritance and development, people's understanding of maintenance by the original work, wear and tear, fault, endanger security evolution to take positive and effective measures to control the mechanical equipment reliability decline factor, in order to keep the inherent reliability of the mechanical equipment.

    By means of mechanical equipment in the each link reliability analysis of the factors, scientifically determine the maintenance projects, the optimal maintenance way, determine the reasonable maintenance cycle, only must do maintenance work, even if the reliability of the mechanical equipment to recover, and maintenance time and cost saving.

    Reliability centered maintenance method has the following four points: 1) the reliability depends on the design and manufacture of mechanical equipment, the restore and maintain the inherent reliability depends on the correct use and maintenance, repair improper will decrease reliability;(2) maintenance to targeted, in under the guidance of reliability centered maintenance methods of mechanical equipment of unreliable factors and parts to do the necessary repair work;(3) according to its applicability and effectiveness criteria determine the form of preventive maintenance, regular maintenance, maintenance, fault diagnosis or hidden function test three kinds of form;(4) establish a complete maintenance information system, decision-making to provide reliable information for maintenance, the maintenance information is the key to the implementation of maintenance.

    As is maintenance is based on the analysis of the fault mechanism, according to the result of non-dismatiement testing, when there is potential fault maintenance objects to adjust, repair or replacement, thereby avoiding function failure.Potential failure refers to the indications, but haven't developed the fault;Function failure generally refers to the mechanical failure, such as clutch skid, transmission gear, generator power generation.

    Many units in carrying out reliability centered maintenance methods, the process of implementation as system maintenance, due to the maintenance of testing equipment does not reach the designated position, for engineering machinery condition monitoring, often some problems such as leak and leakage control, for the normal maintenance and improve the reliability of construction machinery.

    Third,regular maintenance and the maintenance of as a combination of maintenance system [STBZ] [HT5SS]

    Regular maintenance and "as the combination of maintenance system is the theoretical basis of the theory of reliability, reliability theory is pointed out that the failure of mechanical equipment can be divided into two categories, the sudden and gradual.Sudden fault type is no signs but can be perceived, and damage is instantaneous appear;Progressive failure is refers to the extent of damage gradually increase in use process, can be slow and a fast as parts of wear, corrosion, etc.Fault, either in its process have early, the random and three failure stage.

    1) early fault phase at the beginning of the mechanical equipment using parts of damage rate is higher, but after a period of use damage rate dropped, this is due to the raw material and manufacturing process of parts to strengthen inspection and quality control can reduce or avoid the occurrence of the early damage of the product, decrease the rate of early damage, and preventive maintenance is powerless.

    2) random fault phase of this stage is not only failure rate is very small, and generally is a constant, due to the parts of the damage was accidental, mostly related to its strength and bear the load, the preventive maintenance are invalid.

    3) wear fault phase after long-term use of machinery and equipment, due to causes such as fatigue or wear parts strength and performance degradation, damage rate of rise, this stage of the fault belongs to more parts of aging problem.To wear fault timely preventive inspection and maintenance, don't let work parts to wear fault phase, can reduce the occurrence of such failure, prevent failure rate rising rapidly.

    Above all, regular maintenance is suitable for the conditions of the situation of development is rapid, or ignore the gradual failure, as is applicable to the slow development and maintenance situation and condition of progressive failure.Thus, combining regular maintenance and "as the maintenance will play a complementary role.

    Fourth,for the sake of future investment maintenance method

    Modern maintenance is not only a means to restore original mechanical properties, and mechanical equipment performance is improved and the indispensable measures to improve the quality in the early 90 s the eastern European countries put forward to the future investment maintenance method to reflect the new understanding of maintenance status of the developed countries.It from the development of fault and damage repair for maintenance to ensure the normal operation of current mechanical equipment by the purpose of, and then to "repair to the enterprise is a kind of investment, and it is as important as fixed assets investment", no maintenance, fixed assets investment is difficult to recover, it is difficult to expand.

    The thought of "maintenance - for the sake of future investment" is also the method of breakthrough in traditional maintenance, the maintenance in modern mass production is no longer a kind of auxiliary means and emergency measures, but an important part of productivity, is related to the long-term interests of economic development is an important task.

    Last,green maintenance method

    As is known to all, environment, resource, population is 3 big problem faced by the current human society, especially the serious destruction of ecological environment, the earth's resources consume become outstanding problems.In order to fulfill the promise of implementing sustainable development strategy in our country, this article puts forward the idea of clean production, green maintenance method is put forward under this background.

    Green maintenance is a comprehensive environmental impact and resource use efficiency of modern maintenance mode, products in addition to maintain and restore a specified state, namely after the maintenance process and maintenance until the disposal of this period internal energy to maintain and restore its original regulations state that goal, and implement maintenance waste and emissions minimum, minimal negative impact on environment, good to maintenance and use of labor protection, and resource utilization efficiency is the highest goal.

    Green maintenance is a multi-faceted integrated system, is the concrete embodiment of clean production mode in the article, is the modern maintenance model of sustainable development.Today will increasingly be integrated manufacturing engineering and maintenance engineering, remanufacture engineering are increasingly attention and rapid development, become the emerging industries.

    Theory comes from practice and guiding practice, and continuous development and improvement in practice.For over 50 years the evolving maintenance methods and development greatly promoted the progress of the maintenance in China, make all walks of life in the maintenance work has achieved fruitful results.Of modern equipment management should be reasonably choose maintenance system, make the equipment management and maintenance with the development of the advanced management idea and advanced technology and constant innovation, maintenance of the 21st century will be green maintenance, advanced maintenance, remanufacturing engineering maintenance.